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Your website has launched: Now what?

You’ve put in a lot of time and effort to create your website. You’ve just launched it and you may feel the need to shift your attention to other matters – the ones you may have put aside while creating the site. However, treating your business website as a “set it and forget it” can…

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Presentation content as a source for blog posts

Don’t overlook using  your presentation content as inspiration for your next blog posting As a business professional, it’s likely that you give at least occasional presentations. These may be formal or informal, rehearsed or spontaneous. These presentations may be introductions, training, educational, sales, status reports, proposals, or other. The audiences may be business prospects, customers,…

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More Than 50 Uses for a Website

Even though I create websites as a professional I don’t think that everyone needs a website. But I do believe that anyone can benefit from having one depending on their purposes. Some people think of a website as just an online brochure or a sales tool. But those models don’t work for everyone or for…

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Reasons why you need a website

So you don’t think you need a website? (Think again.) As a web designer, I’ve heard all kinds of reasons business people give for why they don’t need a website. Although I don’t think that a website is always the key to business success, I do think that many people may be missing great opportunities…

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Search Engine Optimization – Why is it so important?

These days, just about every web developer claims to perform Search Engine Optimization (or “SEO”). For many this simply means adding in a few keywords and descriptions to the code on each page. However, the practice of proper SEO is part science and part art. It requires, in some measure, technology, marketing, statistical analysis, psychology,…

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