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About Us

...or should I say "About Me" actually?

Added Value Web Services is my business. My goal is to help your business succeed. But let's be honest. -- I don't hold services out to be everything you need to be successful. (Some web design/development services seem to imply that they are your solution to every challenge you face.)

I firmly believe that communicating effectively is one of multiple critical success factors. And web technology offers more powerful communication possibilities like nothing ever before. But my focus is not on technology -- it's on helping you harness the opportunities to reach out, communicate, and connect with multiple audiences.

Even if your business has been successful for a long time, "word-of-mouth" will only take you so far. Your competition can crush you if you have no website or an outdated, amateur, or ineffective website. Today's web-savvy consumers expect more and respond positively to  web communications "done right".

Unfortunately, many small business owners don't know where to begin or are guided by popular misconceptions. Many small businesses hobble along by going it alone and create a website themselves or with the help of another amateur. Others sign with a service that offers a lot of impressive-sounding features that really don't amount to much really. (Sadly, they may not even realize that they've overpaid for things they don't really need.)

What am I not about?

I don't have sales people who falsely promise incredible overnight results. I'm not about pressuring you to sign up for something more than you'll ever need.  Or more than you can really afford to pay! -- I'm not a techie geek who speaks 10 computer languages but who can't really communicate with you, my client.

How would we proceed if working together?

You'll work closely with me throughout the whole process. I will work with you to understand your business needs, your target audience interests, and your business challenges. Together we will set realistic goals for what you want to accomplish with the website. And we will discuss strategies to achieve your objectives. We'll identify what content is needed, what is most critical, and the best way to present it to your audience - in a way that THEY will understand.

We'll also discuss your budget. No one likes surprises when it comes to cost. So we'll agree on everything up front and spell it out so you know what to expect.

What are my qualifications?

With well over 10 years of web design and web content management experience, I take a different approach from many others who are more narrowly focused on the technology or on graphics design. I believe that those elements are critical but without quality content, your website will fall short of its potential and your goals. I believe that "CONTENT IS KING." Rest assured that your website will not only look good but it will also point your visitors in the right direction.

My formal education is in psychology (BA, Oakland University), education (MA, Oakland University), and instructional design (MA, Wayne State University). I have also worked in Information Technology for about 10 10 years after about 8 years in Human Resources. Before that I worked in Community Mental Health. And in my early adult years I worked in my father's advertising agency. At his right hand (literally), I learned so much about business and marketing. My diverse experiences give me a well-rounded approach to creating a web presence for you that gets results!

I invite your questions to see if my services fit your needs. Contact me at 248-470-3468.

As an added value service to my clients, friends, and family, I belong to BNI Farmington Hills, Our local chapter is part of BNI,  an international referral network that I can draw on to connect you with a variety of businesses for a wide variety of other services you might need for your business or yourself.  I would like to be more than just your web designer.