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Web hosting is just the beginning...

We are frequently asked about web hosting services. It is apparent to us that "hosting" has different meanings to people who are not web designers. Short answer: "Yes, we can host your website or you can host it elsewhere."

Web hosting itself is relatively inexpensive. Generally, we only host the sites that we build but we are happy to consider your needs or recommend reliable hosting providers. But we can bundle hosting with other services that are just as critical to the success of your website.


Maintenance & Security

The security and maintenance of your site is critical and must not be overlooked. Added Value Web Services can provide the following:

  • Regular backup service -
    Automatic, scheduled backup is important so that your site can be restored to prevent disruption to your business
  • Storage of backup files in the "cloud" for extra security -
    Physical files on hard drives or disks can be damaged or lost.
  • Perform upgrades and apply security patches -
    Updates are made regularly WordPress themes, plugins, and core code. These updates often repair security holes, improve performance, and add new features. Hackers with malicious intent are busy creating mischief - even if your site is not very active.

Optimization & Performance Improvement

Other ongoing services available that we provide are:

  • Monitoring traffic trends and marketing effectiveness
    Recommend website changes and/or offline actions to improve resultsWe use Google Analytics to give you fresh insights into how visitors use your site. This information can be used to attract new visitors and to keep them coming back.
  • Monitoring web performance
    We keep an eye on your website to assure that pages are loading smoothly and quickly. If you are not aware of any slowdowns you cannot rectify the situation. Slow performing websites will quickly drive away your visitors.
  • Content management
    We can assist with everything from content strategies, writing, and posting of new or updated content. If you prefer, you can write the content and we will edit it to improve flow, understandability, and SEO.
  • Search Engine Optimization -
    Good SEO makes sure that your website has great content that's supported by the factors that search engines use to rank websites.