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7 ways to promote your website — offline

“If you build it, they will come! *” — But how can you be sure? You built your website with the expectation that people will use it. That’s obvious, right? — But have you thought about how you will make people aware that your site exists? Too many small businesses overlook the importance of having…

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What you can do when business is slow

If your business tends to go through some crazy busy periods, you probably yearn for the days when things will slow down again. In some businesses, there’s a predictable ebb and flow. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break and relaxing during those slow times. However, we can still be relaxed and productive at the…

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Hosting recommendations – GoDaddy?

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2017 —  I’ve reversed my opinion about GoDaddy and I am now again recommending them. This is in response to the improved support they are giving for WordPress websites. It seems that GoDaddy has realized the significant market share that WordPress enjoys and how WordPress is a great platform for diverse web needs.…

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Avoid getting ripped off by SEO email offers

Fight spam!

You may get shady SEO offers by email daily. Don’t get sucked in. Learn to recognize the signs of bogus SEO offers to put your website on page one on search engine results pages. Don’t throw away your good money. Get a real professional if you need SEO services.

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Is WordPress the best choice for your website?


Perhaps you’ve been told that your next website for your small business should be built with WordPress. But maybe you’ve never even heard of WordPress. But odds are extremely high that you’ve visited scores of websites that are built on the WordPress platform. If you have a WordPress website you are in good company! There…

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Promote your website — Offline also!

Don’t forget to promote your website offline as well For most businesses, their website is just the means to an end. By that I mean that their website is not what they are selling. But it should be seen as something instrumental to help achieve business goals. Those goals could be to provide information to…

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SEO Success Factors

Are you paying attention to SEO success factors? There are a lot of factors affecting the amount of traffic to your website.  And there are a lot of actions that you can take to drive traffic. We can break these factors down to on-page and off-page. Search engine optimization (SEO) is very complex. It’s part…

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Mistaken notions about business websites

Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of chatter about the internet and a lot of hype promoting the internet as the solution to all problems. People are often perplexed and don’t know what to think even though they may using the internet every day. Is it really necessary to have a business website? Can…

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Your website has launched: Now what?

You’ve put in a lot of time and effort to create your website. You’ve just launched it and you may feel the need to shift your attention to other matters – the ones you may have put aside while creating the site. However, treating your business website as a “set it and forget it” can…

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