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Promote your website — Offline also!

Don’t forget to promote your website offline as well For most businesses, their website is just the means to an end. By that I mean that their website is not what they are selling. But it should be seen as something instrumental to help achieve business goals. Those goals could be to provide information to…

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SEO Success Factors

Are you paying attention to SEO success factors? There are a lot of factors affecting the amount of traffic to your website.  And there are a lot of actions that you can take to drive traffic. We can break these factors down to on-page and off-page. Search engine optimization (SEO) is very complex. It’s part…

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Looking online for health information

Dental websites

It’s a known fact and we all do it. People look online for health information Many of us do it despite our awareness that much of the health information inaccurate, outdated, confusing, or anxiety-provoking. Sometimes it’s even dangerous. If you’re a health professional you can use your website to take control of what patients learn.…

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Something to know – about.me.

about.me screenshot

Learn more “about.me” about.me is a free web service that offers registered users a simple platform to link multiple online identities, websites, and social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, and Tumblr. With it you can build a one-page user profile with a short bio and contact information. Your personal page…

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BitDefender protects your computer

Protect your computer, your website, and your web visitors For your security, we recommend scanning your PC with BitDefender to detect malware. (You may get a warning message about running this software. This is normal and the software is safe to run. ) For extra protection, we can add “widgets” like this one to your…

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More Than 50 Uses for a Website

Even though I create websites as a professional I don’t think that everyone needs a website. But I do believe that anyone can benefit from having one depending on their purposes. Some people think of a website as just an online brochure or a sales tool. But those models don’t work for everyone or for…

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Start with goals

Keys to successful websites – Start with goals Contact steve@addedvalueweb.com (or call 248-470-3468) for information. When building your website you’ll find it easier to develop your content if you have a clear understanding of your own web goals. The content is also more likely to have the impact you want with your audience as a…

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Get noticed first!

  Are you able to get noticed? Do you know how to stand out and grab attention? Without shouting? Your marketplace is filled with so much competition. The internet and other media are so cluttered with information. How can you possibly compete? A website created by us will help you get noticed by – and…

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