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Hosting recommendations – GoDaddy?

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2017 —  I’ve reversed my opinion about GoDaddy and I am now again recommending them. This is in response to the improved support they are giving for WordPress websites. It seems that GoDaddy has realized the significant market share that WordPress enjoys and how WordPress is a great platform for diverse web needs.…

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Your website has launched: Now what?

You’ve put in a lot of time and effort to create your website. You’ve just launched it and you may feel the need to shift your attention to other matters – the ones you may have put aside while creating the site. However, treating your business website as a “set it and forget it” can…

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Start with goals

Keys to successful websites – Start with goals Contact steve@addedvalueweb.com (or call 248-470-3468) for information. When building your website you’ll find it easier to develop your content if you have a clear understanding of your own web goals. The content is also more likely to have the impact you want with your audience as a…

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Promoting your website

Not promoting your website and your domain name? It’s like keeping your best sales and customer reps hidden in a back room. Many organizations make the mistake of assuming that, if they build their website, somehow just come to it. If only that were true! Like anything else, you must promote your website if you…

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