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Is WordPress the best choice for your website?


Perhaps you’ve been told that your next website for your small business should be built with WordPress. But maybe you’ve never even heard of WordPress. But odds are extremely high that you’ve visited scores of websites that are built on the WordPress platform. If you have a WordPress website you are in good company! There…

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Your website has launched: Now what?

You’ve put in a lot of time and effort to create your website. You’ve just launched it and you may feel the need to shift your attention to other matters – the ones you may have put aside while creating the site. However, treating your business website as a “set it and forget it” can…

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Listening to your customer

Most anyone with some understanding of human communications will tell you what the most important thing is. You need to be a good listener. In business, if you listen to your customers you will learn about them. You’ll learn about their needs, their interests and their concerns. If you actively ASK them about such things…

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But I don’t have anything to blog about!

It’s a common problem. – You think you don’t have anything to blog about. You don’t see it as writer’s block. You truly believe there’s nothing to be said. Nothing that’s new. Nothing that anyone would care to read about. And certainly nothing to  interest others. Since when do any of us have a problem…

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