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QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are coded graphics, that can be read by current smartphones and tablets with the appropriate software. QR Codes are becoming more commonplace in today’s world. It’s hard to find advertisements, magazines, or retail stores without this code. A scanned QR Code can direct you to a website, a product video, or a download link in the App Store. Product information, instructions, and company information can be received immediately without typing a link or conducting a manual search. Complete information from a business card can be imported within seconds to update the phone’s address book. Even pre-formulated, pre-addressed mail, and SMS as well as free text messages can be transmitted. QR Codes are continuously gaining importance with an ever-expanding range of applications.


You can customize your QR Codes with your logo, a photo, a smiley, or a short promotional text. This personal touch can give your QR code quick recognition to further your branding efforts.

Your can position a graphic in the center of your QR Code. The graphic should cover no more than 30% of the barcode so that it can still be read. Always test your QR code with a variety of devices and under different conditions to before using it in print.

You can upload your logo in PNG, GIF and as JPEG. We recommend PNG because here you can use alpha channel transparency. You can adjust the size of the logo with a slider. You should test in any case directly on the screen using a smartphone, whether the generated code is still working or if there is too many image content covered.

Important: For tests the content of the Custom-QR-Code is in some places illegible. To generate a Custom-QR-Code correctly, a QR-Token is required. You can get it for 4,99 € or about $6.00 US. You should use the QR-Token only when everything else suits you. The generated Custom-QR Code will be displayed on the website and we sent it by mail to the email address you entered by ordering.

The provider of the QR-Token is the company Hot-World GmbH & Co. KG. Payment is made securely through PayPal.

The use of Custom-QR-Codes is free of charge and royalty. You can use your generated Custom-QR-Codes for free for personal and commercial use as well as for printing.

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