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Hosting recommendations – GoDaddy?

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2017 —  I’ve reversed my opinion about GoDaddy and I am now again recommending them. This is in response to the improved support they are giving for WordPress websites. It seems that GoDaddy has realized the significant market share that WordPress enjoys and how WordPress is a great platform for diverse web needs.…

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Is WordPress the best choice for your website?


Perhaps you’ve been told that your next website for your small business should be built with WordPress. But maybe you’ve never even heard of WordPress. But odds are extremely high that you’ve visited scores of websites that are built on the WordPress platform. If you have a WordPress website you are in good company! There…

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Be Number One with WordPress

Be number one in politics or in business with WordPress Regardless of the party platform that you like most, more politicians are building their website platforms with WordPress in their appeal to voters like you. In fact, about 40% of the US Congress, US Senate, and Gubernatorial races and state parties use WordPress.  No single…

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Reasons why you need a website

So you don’t think you need a website? (Think again.) As a web designer, I’ve heard all kinds of reasons business people give for why they don’t need a website. Although I don’t think that a website is always the key to business success, I do think that many people may be missing great opportunities…

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a “Content Management System” (or “CMS”) that can be used to build websites that allow non-technical users to update and modify them. Technical expertise is not required to do this and no special software is required. Many businesses will have a web developer or designer create the initial website to their requirements. The…

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