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What you need to know about Domain Names

Choose a great domain name!

What do you need to know about Domain Names? The importance of selecting a good domain name for your website should not be overlooked.  Ultimately, it’s how visitors will access your website and it can become part of your branding. Unfortunately, with the popularity of the internet, the domain name that may seem like the…

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Be Number One with WordPress

Be number one in politics or in business with WordPress Regardless of the party platform that you like most, more politicians are building their website platforms with WordPress in their appeal to voters like you. In fact, about 40% of the US Congress, US Senate, and Gubernatorial races and state parties use WordPress.  No single…

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Promoting your website

Not promoting your website and your domain name? It’s like keeping your best sales and customer reps hidden in a back room. Many organizations make the mistake of assuming that, if they build their website, somehow just come to it. If only that were true! Like anything else, you must promote your website if you…

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Reasons why you need a website

So you don’t think you need a website? (Think again.) As a web designer, I’ve heard all kinds of reasons business people give for why they don’t need a website. Although I don’t think that a website is always the key to business success, I do think that many people may be missing great opportunities…

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QR code video resume grabs attention

This video demonstrates a very creative, unique, and attention-grabbing resume using a QR code, video, and a smartphone. If someone submitted a resume like this to me, I can assure you that I would be eager to show it to others also. This would be especially useful for someone seeking a position where creativity and…

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