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Increase your market share

We’ve all been taught from an early age that sharing is good. But if you’re in business, you should ask… How much market share are you giving your competition? How many competitors do you have for your different products and services? How do your potential customers decide who to give their business to? What makes…

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Reasons why you need a website

So you don’t think you need a website? (Think again.) As a web designer, I’ve heard all kinds of reasons business people give for why they don’t need a website. Although I don’t think that a website is always the key to business success, I do think that many people may be missing great opportunities…

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Websites made by Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages websites

Yellow Pages, Yellow Book and several other large directory publishers began offering a new line of services for the past several years. These publishers, like the rest of us, saw that the trend was for people to get their information from the internet. Using the internet is much easier, faster and provides more information. The…

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