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Promote your website — Offline also!

Don’t forget to promote your website offline as well For most businesses, their website is just the means to an end. By that I mean that their website is not what they are selling. But it should be seen as something instrumental to help achieve business goals. Those goals could be to provide information to…

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Looking online for health information

Dental websites

It’s a known fact and we all do it. People look online for health information Many of us do it despite our awareness that much of the health information inaccurate, outdated, confusing, or anxiety-provoking. Sometimes it’s even dangerous. If you’re a health professional you can use your website to take control of what patients learn.…

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Why your website fails

Often, a website fails to deliver due to insufficient offline promotion. It is sometimes a matter of misplaced expectations. Understanding the reasons for disappointing returns and what you can do about it will make a big difference. If you want people to beat a path to your door, you need to show them the way. And you need to offer them reasons they should. Management needs to understand the added value that a website can offer. And they must communicate that value to customers – offline as well as online.

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Do you need a restaurant website?

resaurant websites

A restaurant website can really help your business! Unless you’re a large group of restaurants or a national chain, chances are you don’t have a big budget for marketing. You have to watch your expenses closely. You need to stand out from other restaurants competing for the same customers. You also have a lot of…

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Increase your market share

We’ve all been taught from an early age that sharing is good. But if you’re in business, you should ask… How much market share are you giving your competition? How many competitors do you have for your different products and services? How do your potential customers decide who to give their business to? What makes…

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Opportunity lost? Or found?

The Internet is full of opportunity. And yet, many businesses fail to recognize them. Or they just choose to ignore them. Do you know that… More than half of all US residents, and more than 75% of all US adults, are online. One third of US consumers spend more than 3 hours online every day.…

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Something to know – about.me.

about.me screenshot

Learn more “about.me” about.me is a free web service that offers registered users a simple platform to link multiple online identities, websites, and social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, and Tumblr. With it you can build a one-page user profile with a short bio and contact information. Your personal page…

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